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With its freshly mown grass, small ponds, winding paths made of stone, and blossoms of ever colour imaginable, Shillong’s famous Lady Hydari Park seems to have been inspired from a children’s storybook. Named after Lady Hydari, the first lady of the state (wife of the former Governor of Assam), this garden also has a mini zoo and museum and is a popular picnic spot for tourists and residents alike.

This 18-hole natural golf course is also known as the ‘Gleneagles of the East.’ It was established by British officers and continues to be popular among golfers even today. The sprawling course is lined with pine and rhododendron trees, making it the perfect spot in which to lie on the grass and do some cloud gazing.

This famous lake in Shillong is a painting in green, dotted with flowers of seemingly every colour. Named after Sir William Ward, the erstwhile Chief Commissioner of Assam, this man-made lake is said to be around a hundred years old and continues to be a favourite spot for residents and tourists. A slow walk around the lake on the cobbled-stone path seems to slow down time for a little bit, while you take in beautiful sights from all directions.

What makes this market one of the biggest commercial hubs in the city is that it caters to shoppers, explorers and food lovers, alike. Every evening, Monday through Saturday, the market is abuzz with tourists as well as locals. Whether you want shop, eat or simply take a walk to observe this eclectic mix of old shops and new malls, there is something for everyone here.

Also, known as Bara Bazar, this is one of the oldest traditional markets in Shillong. This hub of trade and commerce is a riot of things, colours, noise and people. Although it is quite easy to get lost among the narrow lanes and the bustling crowd, Iewduh is quite an experience for those looking to explore a little of the local side of Shillong. It is a must visit for travellers looking to gorge up on local food.

Our tip: watch out for some amazing small bakeries in this market!