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Our Story

History begins in 2017


Welcome to our Hotel Heiga VNS

The hotel’s name HEIGA (VNS) is derived from the initials of the children Handakani, Evanylla, Ingelily, Gervacis and Andrew and parents Victor & Nerilala Suja. The logo of the hotel aptly symbolises the concept of the hotel. The middle monolith represents the parents as the foundation of the family and the left and right monoliths represent the children as strong pillars of the family. To invoke the feeling of Royalty, the Monoliths have been placed in a crown like fashion but in a modern minimalist way to perfectly match the modern structure of the Hotel Heiga.

This concept is based on Menhirs (Moo Shynrang) and Dolmens (Moo Kynthai) monoliths in Jaintia Hills erected during the period of 1500 A.D.and l835 A.D.

The horizontal stroke represents the Dolmen (Moo Kynthai) or female as caretakers of the home and the vertical strokes represent the Menhirs (Moo Shynrang) or male as providers of the home.